Evictions In New Jersey For Property Owners

Jonathan R. Mehl zealously represents landlords in proceedings against tenants. The most frequent type of which is to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent. From the filing of the summons and complaint, through the lockout in order to regain possession of the premises, Jonathan R. Mehl, Esq. is there for his landlord clients. A tenant may also be evicted for a legal cause or a lease violation. Jonathan R. Mehl, Esq. professionally issues the appropriate notices to the tenants, and follows through to make sure that the eviction is done properly. Jonathan R. Mehl, Esq. understands how important it is to protect your property, whether it is your investment, or your home.

Jonathan R. Mehl, Esq. maintains an active landlord - tenant practice, representing clients ranging from the individual owner of a house, to owners and managers of small and large apartment buildings.