Practice Areas

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Jonathan R. Mehl, Esq., concentrates his legal practice on commercial real estate transactions, from contract negotiation to closing. This involves handling the purchase, sale, refinance and leasing of multi-family apartment buildings, shopping centers, office buildings and other commercial properties for individuals and businesses in New Jersey and across the country.

Efficiency is required throughout the process of negotiating and closing any real estate transaction. Jonathan’s experience enables him to recognize potential issues, and to promptly address them in an effective manner so that the client’s goals are met. A contract does not need to be long, provided the client’s interests are protected.

Jonathan participates in all phases of the transaction as needed, including the letter of intent, contract negotiation and review, title search examination, review of surveys, review of Phase I environmental report, preparation of the closing documents and the closing settlement statement, review of loan documents, issuing opinion letters, and preparation for and attendance at closing.

Buying, selling, and managing real estate can be a daunting task. For businesses and investors, real estate is a significant investment, not only financially but also in terms of the complexity of the transaction. The financial consequences of a misunderstanding or oversight can be severe. Therefore, it is important to have Jonathan R. Mehl, Esq., an experienced real estate attorney, as your legal counsel.

Types of commercial closings handled include:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • Mortgage closings for individuals and lenders
  • Negotiation and preparation of contracts
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Purchase of notes and mortgages

Business Transactions and Formation

From the formation of a company, to the purchase or sale of a business, Jonathan R. Mehl, Esq., is available to protect your interests. Services include:

  • Formation of a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation
  • Drafting and negotiating an operating agreement or by-laws
  • Membership interest or share sales and purchases
  • Business asset sales and purchases

Residential Transactions

Buying or selling a house is a very important decision in life. For most people, it is the largest investment ever made. When you get to closing, you want a law firm that will be able to get your questions answered and an attorney who will regularly update you and be thoroughly involved in your representation. Affordable flat rates are available. Services include:

  • Explanation of the standard form of a real estate contract
  • Skillful drafting and negotiation of an amendment depending upon the particular transaction involved
  • Review of home inspection reports and assisting in negotiation of inspection issues
  • Ordering and review of a commitment for title insurance
  • Review and explanation of the property survey and any overlaps or encroachments
  • Review of loan documents
  • Preparing you for the closing
  • Attendance at the closing

Landlord-Tenant and Evictions

Jonathan R. Mehl, Esq. is respected as one of the leading landlord-tenant attorneys in the State of New Jersey and regularly files eviction cases. These include against both residential and commercial tenants for non-payment of rent, and for breaches of the lease/law.

Bring your landlord-tenant legal issues to Jonathan R. Mehl, no matter how small or complex. In order to protect your rights, strict adherence to the landlord-tenant laws is required. Jonathan will guide you through the process in order to meet your legal needs.

Jonathan was appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court and completed a full 10-year term on the Rules Committee, which deals with Court Rules addressing landlord-tenant cases (the Special Civil Part Practice Committee); he also sits on the Committee appointed to address e-filing within the Special Civil Part of the Superior Court of New Jersey.

Real Estate and Commercial Litigation

All businesses face legal challenges. Jonathan R. Mehl strives to get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible – and to successfully negotiate a resolution in order to avoid the time, aggravation and expense of litigation. Yet, when it becomes necessary to go to Court, you can rely on Jonathan’s zealous advocacy and cost-effective approach. He handles:

  • Business disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of lease
  • Specific performance
  • Adverse possession, easement and title disputes
  • Defending building code violations
  • Brokerage commissions

Lease Drafting and Negotiation

Jonathan R. Mehl represents both landlords and tenants in commercial lease negotiations in various asset types. From a small office space to a large store or industrial space, or for a sub-lease or assignment of lease, Jonathan is there to protect your interests.

Opinion Letters

Most lenders involved in a commercial real estate transaction request certain written legal opinions from the attorney for the borrower. These include such items as the validity of the company that is borrowing, the ability to enter loan documents and guaranties, the legality of the loan documents, the status of title, and the priority of the new mortgage lien. Jonathan R. Mehl, Esq., regularly provides attorney opinion letters to numerous lenders in a wide range of circumstances, and invites borrowers and out-of-state attorneys with New Jersey clients to consult regarding the issuing of an opinion letter.